Nissan Cube 2010
Nissan Cube Web Promo Campaign/Event
Nissan Cube: You/Cubed.Project.
Web Promo Campaign Targeting a Young & Hip Demographic
This web based campaign designed to promote the Nissan Cube as a mobile device. The goal is to target a young crowd in a innovative way. In order to connect to a younger demographic, the Nissan Cube is promoted as a mobile device that connects everyone with everything simultaneously. The Cube is highly customizable and promotes a lifestyle that appeals to those who want to be a part of the new.

Using video campaigns as well as social media, the following microsite is a hub for the events. Vehicles will be placed throughout the US in popular party spots and acts as a free shuttle between bars/nightclubs. Once the passengers enter the vehicle, they are informed about the project and given the opportunity to be featured live on the Nissan Cube micro site. Photos can also be uploaded live to the online photo gallery. This automatically generates interest in the cars, allows the targeted demographic to have a "test-ride," and then creates an incentive for everyone to check out the online presence. In addition, everything on the website can be shared throughout the popular social media platforms through "drag-n-drop" technology.

Group Project with: Vinh Tran, Wei Ting, and Bryan Villagonzalo
Microsite Logo
Car graphics concept | Photo credit:
Car graphics concept | Photo Credit:
Homepage: Remains clean while the live streaming content loads
Video Page: Live simultaneous video content loads directly from the Nissan Cube shuttles around the US
Watch Live Content: Miami selected / Watch what is happening in Miami between nightclubs
Freebies: Download wallpapers for your computer and/or smartphone
Freebie: Wallpaper 1
Freebie: Wallpaper 2
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