San Juan Capistrano Book
San Juan Capistrano Mission Book Project
San Juan Capistrano Mission Book
Book Structure Based on Light and Touch
After visiting the San Juan Capistrano Mission and taking hundreds of photos, I got to thinking...what is it about this place that really gets me? I kept thinking about the archways, adobe walls, the gardens, the history, and even the fossil shells exposed in the old mission walls. However, while looking through the photos a few days later, I realized it what I really loved about the historic site. The light.

Light has a few meanings in this case, such as having the sunlight for agriculture, beautiful grounds, and even for "seeing the spiritual "light." From there, I wanted to include another definition of light for those would can't normally see it: the visually impaired.

The book is created to function as an informative book about the San Juan Capistrano Mission and the illustrations function only with the light an/or by touching them. The illustrations work as braille and also have captions below each picture to explain what they're feeling.
Braille Illustration of the Archways
Braille Illustration of a Cactus
Braille Illustration of a Sundial Found at the Mission
Archway Braille and Caption
Cactus Braille
Sundial Braille & Caption
Illustrations Light Up When Held Up to the Light
Illustration Primarily Visible When Held Up to the Light
Braille Illustrations & Captions
The Illustrations Change When Held Up to the Light; You Can Change the Shadows with Different Light Sources.
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